Atlantic Ocean Masterclass Antigua to Portsmouth Via Bermuda and the Azores 19th March – 22nd April 2023

Experience the thrill of sailing on a high-performance Volvo Ocean 70 in the Atlantic Ocean from Antigua to Portsmouth (UK) via Bermuda and the Azores, while honing your skills and building over 3,600 nautical miles in the process. These trips are for everyone, whether you are a novice or experienced sailor. You can get involved as much as you like, or sit back, relax, and enjoy the mid-Atlantic sail.

This package includes:

  • Skipper
  • Mate and Crew
  • Pre-departure Safety Briefing
  • On board training
  • Your bunk
  • Marina and Berthing fees
  • Food on board while sailing
  • Lifejacket
  • Wet weather gear

Meals ashore and travel to and from ports is not included.

The Boat

Telefonica Black is a stripped-out racing boat with very few luxuries, so please expect high side hot bunking, freeze-dried food – as the galley consists of a sink and 1 camping stove for boiling water and a very exciting gimbled heads!

We like to be fully inclusive and give amateur sailors the chance to participate in all aspects of sailing the boat – we can assure you; you will not just be sitting on the rail.

The Plan 

Join the yacht in Antigua where you’ll be introduced to the boat, professional crew and get to meet your fellow sailors! You’ll then be briefed and trained up on all you need to know about sailing a Volvo-70 before heading out of the harbour and into the Atlantic ocean. Once at sea, we’ll first head for the Azores for a quick stop before the final leg towards the UK.

19th  March 2023 0900- Boat tour, safety brief, deck brief, winch training, backstay training

20th March 2023 – Weather seminar, passage planning, boat prep

21st March 2023 – On the water training

22nd March 2023 – Departarture – Weather Dependent

18th – 22nd April 2023 – Expected arrival window

Expected Passage Lengths

Antigua to Bermuda – approx 5 days

Bermuda to Azores – approx 10 days

Azores to the UK – approx 7 days

There will be a couple of nights’ stopover in each destination

Telefonica Black is berthed in Antigua Slipway.
This is a short dingy ride over from nelsons dockyard or accessible by road.
If you need to be picked up by the dingy, just drop a WhatsApp message on the group and we will come and pick you up.

The boat is available for you to stay on from the 16th March.

What to Expect

The trade winds usually give us 18 – 20 knots gusting 25 – 28 from a NE or the E.
Normally at this time of year, it’s a close reach up to Bermuda.
To start with the temperature is steady at 28°C during the day but can get colder at night.
After Bermuda it gets a bit trickier – however, we will be learning all about that in the training, just expect upwind, downwind and everything in between! In the words of Lance – “It gets colder every day!”
Day 1 & 2 of training will all be alongside, we will provide lunch and tea/coffee/squash.
Day 3 will be on the water training coming back to the dock at night. Lunch and beverages provided.
Sailing – All meals provided, please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.
Trips ashore – all at own expense – food provided on board if required.

What to bring:  
On top of the normal kit list –
6 x clothing set (we normally find people change clothing every 4 days.)
• Underwear
• Shorts and t-shirt
• Long-sleeved UV top
• Lightweight fleece/warm top
• Long trousers/leggings/long johns
Shore clothes

Life on Board

You will be split into 2 watches of 7 people which includes a professional sailor guiding each watch.
There will be 15 of us on board in total. The captain splits their time between the watches and looking after all the boat systems.
The watches will be 66444 – 6 hours on and then 6 off during the day and 4s at night.
Breakfast – cereal, porridge and pastries.
Lunch/dinner – freeze-dried and you just add boiling water to the pouch (no cooking, no dishes!!)
There are snacks available and tea/coffee/squash and water. Please note, this is a dry boat, no alcohol allowed (until we get ashore)
You will be hot bunking with a bunk buddy. Bunks will be allocated once the watches have been split up. This will be your bunk for the trip. Bunk etiquette states that you clear all personal gear off the bunk for your bunk buddy. You will be allocated a storage space for your bag/sleeping bag.
I tend to keep a “day bag” with all my daily essentials and then every couple of days swap it out with stuff from my big bag.
There will be storage for your big bags in a central location and room for your small bag and sleeping bag under your bunk.
We are not racing so there is no weight limit, however space is not a massive luxury so please don’t pack the kitchen sink!!

Westabout Ltd cannot guarantee the dates or routes given. We will always prioritise your safety. Due to bad weather or wind conditions, there can be delays for which we cannot accept liability.

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