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Our ethos at Fearless Projects is that boats like Telefonica Black are not just for the elite of the sailing world, she is here to be sailed by all and more importantly, TO HAVE FUN, make amazing friendships, and memories. So, if you would like to get involved, have a look below at the Race Charters, Sailing Trips and Sailing Experience's we offer on the Volvo 70 Telefonica Black.

Experience weekends

Telefonica Black competed in the 2008/2009 Volvo Round the World race and this is a fantastic opportunity to get to sail her. Her speed and power are exhilarating and this trip allows you an opportunity to fully experience the boat, without the demands of a long distance race.

Mile builders (5 days)

Mile builders are a 5 day duration ranging between 500–1000 miles, and are either UK based or International legs, with at least 2 nights at sea. Our UK trips start and finish in Portsmouth and include at least 2 overnight sails. Typically we spend the 1st, 3rd, and 5th nights in a marina and the 2nd and 4th nights at sea.

Experience days
(1 day duration)

The crew of Telefonica Black will take you out on the stunning waters of the Solent. You get to feel the power of this amazing racing yacht and have the chance to get involved as much or as little as you like. You will have the opportunity to helm, help with the navigation and grind up the sails like a pro crew. Alternatively, you can sit back, enjoy the sail and take in the stunning scenery that the south coast has to offer.

Ocean crossings

There is something completely magical about being out on the open ocean, no artificial light, no traffic jams, no pollution, no phone signal, propelling your way for 1000s of miles just with the power of the wind. Just you, the boat and the sea. On the way we can guarantee that you will see mother nature at her awe-inspiring best, be pushed and tested in only a way that offshore ocean sailing can do to you and you will come away with a huge sense of achievement, friends for life and some finely honed sailing skills.

Racing experience

When you book onto one of our races you are fully committing yourself, you are not a passenger on this boat. We really feel strongly that this is your boat to race and we facilitate that in every way we can. We keep the boat running, look after you, keep you fed and watered and provide support on all the watches. We provide a professional skipper, 2 watch leaders and a Navigator.

Whole boat charters

Telefonica Black competed in the Volvo Round the World Race and you can have the opportunity to charter her for either a day, weekend or for a race series. The boat comes with a professional skipper, mate and up to 3 crew members depending on your needs. She can take up to 12 guests and we can accommodate you on the boat or can organise hotel and dining packages.

Corporate sailing

After a year of being cooped up by covid, what better way to bring your team back together than by getting out on the water. Come join us on Telefonica Black, its team building without any of the ice breakers, trust exercises or eye rolls! Our aim is for you to have a mini adventure aboard a world class racing yacht, and to do that you need to work as a team, trust each other and communicate effectively – all the perks, none of the yawns.

31. May, 2020.
Speed Machine I joined Kraken with a few friends for the Caribbean 600 in February 2020. I had previously raced across the Atlantic and Pacific with Claire and Lance and wanted to experience that same racing adrenalin again. Kraken didn't disappoint at all. The race was well planned and hard fought which was everything I wanted from the race. There wasnt any part of the boat I couldn't get involved in and the crew were always there to help/teach. I always recommend Kraken everyone regardless if you have sailed before or not. Its all part of the experience!
27. May, 2020.
Superb Wow!! What a fantastic experience. I had never raced on a Volvo 70 before and loved every minute. Thanks to the wonderful skipper Lance and his equally wonderful core team. Big shout out to Claire too for being so organized on every level, nothing was ever too much trouble and the planning and care put into every aspect was faultless. The boat was big and powerful and exciting. The training was extensive, focusing on safety plus sailing/racing skills, the race was exhilarating and I’m looking forward to my next race on Telefonica Black with Lance, Claire and their core crew. If you’re looking for a safe adventure at sea, with experienced Skipper and crew who are calm and happy on a beautiful beast of a boat then this is the trip for you.
18. May, 2020.
Big Boat, Big Smiles I did the 2019 Middle Sea and the 2020 Caribbean 600 on Telefonica Black The latter was a serious birthday present to myself (again) and never was a few quid better spent on sailing events. Kraken operates in a space somewhere between terrific and terrifying. There’s nothing else out there that gives ordinary yotters the chance to pitch up and get straight into 20 knot+ formula 1 sailing. On a more serious note I've sailed with over 20 pro Skippers and crews over many years and Lance and Claire are right up there for safety, competence, learning and generally having a bloody good time. Volvo 70s can be a bit powerful even brutal at times but the team will look after you and let you do as much as you safely can in a properly sorted full on racing yacht Anyway, don’t hesitate, sell the car, get a second mortgage, just do it whilst you are still alive. Life's too short to do long races on slow boats!
Adam B
17. May, 2020.
Gib - Las Palmas Delivery and Heineken Regatta I joined Telefonica Black/Kraken for a delivery trip from Las Palmas to Gran Canaria, enjoyed it so much I went out for the Heineken Regatta in St Martin 2 months later! The boat is incredible, the setup is the same as when she raced round the world with a crew of professionals, don't expect any creature comforts! An absolutely excellent way to build some miles or take part in classic offshore races for the same price as on a 40' cruiser racer. You can be involved in the sailing of the boat as much as you want, you won't just be sitting on the rail all day!
Mark O
13. March, 2020.
Truly Amazing If you have ever dreamed of sailing , feeling the power of nature, seeing and experiencing the tranquil and exciting moods of the ocean , any trip on this boat is a must. Lance and Claire are the most knowledgeable and welcoming people you will ever come across . You are invited to take part as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. It’s amazing to think your on one of the very boats that raced around the world just a few years ago. I have just returned from the Caribbean 600 . The crew were fantastic and the experience will stay with me forever. Whatever trip you decide to take with Lance and Claire you will have the time of your life and memories forever.
Markus L.
11. January, 2020.
Highly recommended! The perfect ending for my sailing year of 2019! Got picked by Claire and Lance to help deliver their VO70 from Cagliari to Gibraltar, the crew was a great mix of people from all walks of (sailing) life and we had such a blast, literally! 🙂 If you ever get the chance to sail with them, do it!! They are lovely people who take extra good care of their crew, you'll learn a thing or two, the boat is just amazing, and you can get a glimpse of what it might be like to sail in the Ocean Race!
10. January, 2020.
Amazing sailing experience I don’t have writing skills but I’ll do my best. I sailed Telefonica Black on the Rolex Middle Sea Race and I simply loved it. It was an incredible experience. A few years before I visited the Volvo Ocean Race museum in order to see a Volvo 70 boat and during the race and the trainings before I sailed one . And i was at the helm on high seas . How cool is that. Lance is a great skipper and Claire is the best first mate he could wish for. I highly recommend the experience. Best learning experience ever . Ill do my very best to sail with them again.
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